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Subject: Critical Updates for Apple Macintosh OS X

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David Gray

04/19/2007 11:37 PM  

What Is It?

Apple Computer, Inc. has issued Apple Security Update 2007-004 to address several security vulnerabilities, the most serious of which could allow a remote user to install and run malicious software on your computer, without your permission.

In addition to fixing problems with Apple's own system software, this update includes critical updates for two third party products that are shipped with the operating system. Both products, MIT Kerberos and GNU Tar, are widely used.

  • Kerberos is used to establish secure connections with remote computers for sensitive applications, such as banking.
  • GNU Tar is the most commonly used file compression program on Unix based operating systems, including Mac OS X.

Other affected components include AirPort, the Help Viewer, the Installer service, the Login window VidoeConference,  the HID keyboard interface, CarbonCore, fetchmail, and various system software that usually runs only on servers. 

What Should You Do?

You should download and install Apple Security Update 2007-004 at your earliest convenience. There are two ways to obtain it.

  1. By far, the easiest way is through Apple Update. Step by step instructions are at
  2. You can also download the update from the Apple Downloads page, at

If you use the Apple Downloads page, you must know precisely which operating system is installed on your computer. This page is recommended for advanced users.


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